How Can I Measure That?

How Can I Measure That?

Everything can be measured, but can it be done quickly and accurately and in a production environment? And how about the tough stuff: internal grooves and threads, tapers, locational features, and center to center hole locations?

“YES” to both questions, with the right gage(s).

Selecting the right micrometers, calipers and bore gages from the thousands available will handle basic ID, OD, and length measurements. Custom anvils, stands and other end fittings can be designed and installed on micrometers and bore gages to increase accuracy and allow reach into both small internal features down to 1 mm. Or, for large parts, standard bar gages can be modified to locate on determined a determined datum while extending over 4 meters for accurate length or OD measurements.

For hole locations, tapers and external threads, custom fixturing and gages can be used in combination with indicators or a height gage to accurately measure. With all gages today, the data collection can be automated for charting, storage, or output to your quality system.

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