Outside Sales Team

Tool and Gage House Outside Sales Map
The Tool and Gage House’s Outside Sales Team is driven by customer service, relationships and problem solving. Having served the southeast’s manufactures since ’76 we’ve built our reputation on providing the best sales, quality and integrated services under one roof.

Our outside sales team is your face to face contact. Sales quotes, custom gaging solutions and calibration are just the tip of the ice berg. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with The Tool and Gage House Outside Team member in your area.

Paul Frys

Outside Sales – Central N.C.
Phone: 704-989-5926
Toll Free: 800.438.2266

Butch Fincannon

Outside Sales – NE South Carolina
Phone: 704.577.0535
Toll Free: 800.438.2266

Gary Petrie

Outside Sales – SE South Carolina
Phone: 978.230.2486
Toll Free: 800.438.2266

Mike Marr

Outside Sales – Western N.C. & T.N.
Phone: 828.781.5420
Toll Free: 800.438.2266

Alexa Conners

Outside Sales – Eastern N.C. & V.A.
Phone: 949.698.8122
Toll Free: 800.438.2266

Jeff Stewart

Outside Sales – Georgia
Phone: 678.428.9232
Toll Free: 800.438.2266

Derek Bishop

Outside Sales – Upstate S.C.
Phone: 864.256.2622
Toll Free: 800.438.2266