It’s All In Our Heads

A reliable solution to your measurement problems isn’t a pipe dream: it’s all in our heads! Fowler’s special application heads can be fitted directly onto their Bowers XT range of bore gages to create a flexible, modular measuring system.

Details Matter

Most agree that Investing in the right torque tools for each application is important to ensure fastening accuracy, safety and productivity. However, related tool details are often overlooked, and they really do matter!

How Can I Measure That?

Everything can be measured, but can it be done quickly and accurately and in a production environment? And how about the tough stuff: internal grooves and threads, tapers, locational features, and center to center hole locations? “YES” to both questions, with the right gage(s).

High Accuracy: Guaranteed!

The horizontal measuring instrument fulfills the ever-increasing quality requirements of industrial manufacturers for many applications: With a single measuring unit, checking of internal and external sizes can be achieved easily and accurately.

Electronic Calibration In Your Plant

We help customers every week with on-site calibration of electronic devices and plant equipment including pressure gages-transducers, temperature controllers, ovens, digital multimeters, resistors potentiometers, and many other electronics.

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody does inspection like Vision Engineering. The award-winning and Ergonomic Mantis and Evo Cam systems help ensure operators are effective and efficient with inspection!

Product Handling Made Simple

Solutions to common issues in moving and assembling products in the manufacturing area.

Get Rid of Cables & Hoses for Your Tools

You can have high speed assembly tools with NO electric cables or air hoses without sacrificing performance or breaking the budget! With recent advances in battery tools, DC tools, and reactionless tools, we can now offer affordable high performance torque tools up to 500 Nm.

Time to Schedule Year-End Calibration

As we approach the end of 2021 and get ready for 2022, it is time to ensure all items are on schedule for calibration. We offer torque tool and gage calibration at your facility, or in our ISO17025 accredited laboratories in Charlotte.

Hardness Testing

There has never been a greater range of options including micro & macro testers for Vickers, Knoop, and Brinell scales, digital and analog Rockwell testers, small-portable Rockwell units and those for high volume automated testing