Autogaging Saves Money

Gages that automate measuring and inspections pay for themselves very quickly. These gages achieve the savings through labor reduction, reduced scrap and rework, and in most cases, increased production.

Calibrate Now

Manufacturing down-time presents an opportunity to service & calibrate tools and gages.

When Torque Tools Start to Fail

What do you do when your torque tools fail? Torque measurement is a key component of any quality control process. Learn the key benefits of conducting a routine torque verification process with your assembly tools.

On Site Calibration

Save time, and money with Tool and Gage House’s On Site Calibration service

Part Marking Made Simple

Technomark – cost effective marking solutions for manufacturing! The Tool & Gage House is proud to work with the global leader in part marking.

NEVER Miss Another Fastener

Sounds nice right? Even better; this is attainable and affordable. Many of our customers have already implemented standard error-proofing and complete Poka-Yoke capabilities.

What is a “QA Torque Wrench”?

QA wrenches typically start at a few hundred dollars, with many popular wrenches in the $1,000 to $8,000 range. Atlas Copco, Tohnichi, Sturdevant Richmont, Crane and others offer excellent choices.

Why Use Shadow Boards

Tried cutting your own foam shadow boards or using peg board and a Sharpie to build them? OSAAP shadow boards are an easy way for you to get this done, and the process is simple!

Introducing: Treston Custom Workstations

Treston is among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial furniture and workstations. Our workstation design and implementation process always begins with the person performing the work. In this way, we pay close attention to ergonomics, functionality and efficiency.

Fowler Tool-a-thon Vol 18.1

Fowler is starting off 2018 with another TOOL-A-THON. Save on a numerous products, as well as 50 new items!

Take a look inside and see the savings for yourself.