Introducing: Treston Custom Workstations


For Immediate Release: April 6, 2018

The Tool & Gage House Introduces: Treston Custom Workstations

Treston is a world leader in custom workstations and makes it easy with the “3D Design” system on our website. You can design it in a few minutes, or have our sales engineers do it for you. web link:

The stations are used for assembly, staging, inspection, packaging and many other places in the factory. They can also be integrated into a full work cell or even connected to form an entire manufacturing line with integrated conveying capability.

Convenient accessories include: LED lighting, power strips, monitor mounting, shelves, shadow boards, tool rails & balancers and many flexible storage options.

This is exactly the type of workspace solutions our customers need to support lean improvements and productivity while still maintaining an ergonomic and safe workplace.

The Tool & Gage House partners with leading manufacturers to improve product quality and drive out cost. By understanding our customer’s products, processes and challenges we offer innovative solutions for their manufacturing, assembly and quality control needs. Specialties include precision tools for torque and assembly, measurement and testing systems, custom gages and fixtures as well as material handling solutions.

Treston is among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial furniture and workstations. Our workstation design and implementation process always begins with the person performing the work. In this way, we pay close attention to ergonomics, functionality and efficiency. Our distributor network provides worldwide assistance and service in support of Treston products. Treston – “Dedicated to the Human Workspace”

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