Rayco CMM Fixture

Rayco is the leading CMM and Vision fixture manufacture. We manufacture both custom and standard fixture products.

RAYCO has been a trusted brand in the industy for over 33 years. Our plates are the number one selling base plate in the world. We sell CMM fixtures, portable measuring fixtures, vision fixtures and custom fixtures. Rayco has been a leader in metrology fixtures for years, please let our team discuss your fixture needs.

  • Increase your part inspection time.
  • Measure the same or different parts at once.
  • Easy to document multiple setups.
  • High volume jobs.
  • Increased Repeatability
  • TE-CO, INC.

    TE-CO believes in the application of the Golden Rule to all phases of our business including relationships…with our customers, management, employees, stockholders, sales representatives, suppliers, government, and neighbors. We have definite obligations to each. TE-CO is firmly established in the concept of profitable free enterprise, we recognize that our success is linked with that of many others and must be developed through enlightened self-interest. We therefore believe that our business is bound by this creed.

    Customers are entitled to quality products at a fair price. Our objective has always been “Satisfied Customers” who will rely on us to help them solve their problems and meet their needs on both an immediate and long term basis.

    Shareholders have made the investment of the capital that creates new facilities, new products and new jobs, and are entitled to a fair return on their investment.

    Suppliers and their sales representatives, with their specialized knowledge of the products and services they offer, play an important role in the continuing profitable operation of our Company. We believe that the Company should be a good neighbor in the communities where it operates and where its employees live.

    TE-CO was founded in 1926 as a privately owned OHIO corporation located in Union Ohio.

    TE-CO is a leader in workholding technology, which includes clamping and set-up tools, tooling components, inspection and gaging for CMM applications, spring loaded devices, hoist rings, Toolex vise workholding systems, and tooling plates and columns.

    Products are available through an international network of industrial distributors.

    TE-CO Company is ISO 9001 certified.

    Manufacturing is performed in a modern 75,000 square foot facility.

    Processes used to produce TE-CO products are CNC milling, CNC lathes, grinding, punch presses, welding saws, shears and roll threading.

    Engineering support is provided using a state of the art solid modeling CAD database. Machine programming is accomplished using the latest computer software technology.