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The INDI-SQUARE COMPANY has been manufacturing precision squareness measuring instruments at our manufacturing location in Rochester, New York since 1960. INDI-SQUARE instruments are used by manufacturers and machine tool builders industry wide in inspection departments and tool rooms. Because they are portable, they are easily used on the shop floor for checking in process work at production setups or on large parts themselves. The INDI-SQUARES provide precision squareness and vertical straightness measuring with the exclusive proven anti-friction lifetime sliding mechanism.
(Model 8) and (Model 18) Indi-Squares are simple to use, allowing the user to rapidly check the squareness and straightness of surfaces to .00005 over 9″ of travel and .0001 over 18″ of travel.
INDI-SQUARE measuring instruments are durable. No lubrication or special maintenance is required. They are warrantied for a one year period. If damaged or broken, they may be repaired at the factory and returned with a new “Certificate of Repair and Calibration” and a new full one year warranty.