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Alignment, Measurement & Weld Measuring Gauges

G.A.L. Gage Company manufactures high-quality precision Weld Measuring Gauges for checking Weld Thickness, Butt Welds, Pits, Undercuts, and much more.

We also produce the unique Gap-A-Let® Rings that can reduce fit-up time by up to 90% for socket welding.

Our products include the 7-Piece Fillet Weld Set, Bridge Cam Gauge and the Adjustable Fillet Weld Gauge; to name but a few.

New products are constantly being added to both our website and to our product literature and catalogs. Indeed many products are available to you whether as the end-user or the retailer that can be custom-designed to fit any particular need and/or specification.

We provide alignment & weld measuring gauges for the following uses and industries:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Industrial Hydraulics
  • Power Piping (Conventional)
  • Railroad Industry
  • Air Brake Piping
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Power Piping (Nuclear)
  • Ship Building Industry
  • And many others … around the globe!

The best solution to your needs will always be the best fit to your requirements.