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Parallel within 0.0001″, square within 5 seconds, 0.00005″ per foot surface accuracy…published manufacturing data like this tells the quality story of Taft-Peirce Production and Inspection Equipment. Add to announced manufacturing tolerances the key elements of job-tested design and controlled manufacturing processes, and you have the basic success story of a product line that has proved itself in use for over 100 years.

Specifications You Can Trust.

There is no secret about the accuracy of this internationally accepted line of tools. Taft-Peirce’s policy has always been to list key tolerances in print. Look for the actual figures as you read through this catalog – you can buy tools with confidence when you know their quality and the reputation of the manufacturer who stands behind them.

Design Notes, Yesterday and Today.

The first tools in this specialized line of set-up, production and inspection equipment were developed from models originated and proved under actual manufacturing conditions in the world-famous Taft-Peirce Contract Service Division. Through the years, this series of tools has been tested, refined and expanded, until its breadth and total reliability have earned a reputation unmatched in the field of precision manufacture. Today a full-time research and development group is continually searching for new ideas and recommending changes wherever the performance of existing tools can be improved.

Manufacturing Controls.

Taft-Peirce, a Company known for its precision products, employs a policy of strict quality control. Metallurgical analysis specifies and controls the uniformity of raw material; inspection stations control dimensional relationships of work in process; and final inspection is conducted in up-to-date gaging laboratories equipped with every type of modern measuring instrument.

Taft-Peirce Production and Inspection Tools are available through representatives in your area — ask them, or contact the plant directly, for additional data on standard equipment, or special designs, sizes and materials needed to meet unusual requirements. For the set-up, production, and inspection equipment that shop men know and trust, make sure you TAKE IT TO TAFT-PEIRCE.