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Manufacturer of dimensional inspection products; systems & engineering. High resolution gage amplifiers & comparators. Linear gage probes, transducers & sensors.

Data interfaces. Electronic gages for precision film / foil thickness inspection.

Metrology processor display units performing mathematic & geometric calculation from multiple gage inputs.

DIALSINK & DI-ANGLE gages for countersinks, chamfers & tapered hole inspection. Custom mechanical & electronic gages & systems for inspection of thickness, depth, flatness, concentricity, height, inside & outside diameter, displacement, squareness, width, length, roundness, angles, tapers & position.

Precision Dimensional Measurement, Testing & Inspection Instruments

Gages (Gauges) for Quality Control, Quality Assurance (QC / QA) and Metrology

Gaging Equipment – Dimensional Gages – Dimensional Gaging