Paul W Marino

We are dedicated to presenting high quality products to industry while providing reliability and service. Our mission is to supply the technological advances that enable the manufacturing process to work faster, with higher precision, than past practices. We utilize agile methods that recognize global economics and ecological considerations.

Quick Facts

  • Established in 1991, PWM is dedicated to offering the finest quality products and professional services to our customers
  • Our 44,000 square foot facility, located in Warren, Michigan, is home to our sales, design and manufacturing groups.
  • Our customer service and sales group is knowledgeable, professional and ready to assist you.
  • Our design group are specialists in several fields of design and support all typical file formats.
  • Our manufacturing and quality groups consist of kneed mills, lathes, two coordinate measuring systems and all associated equipment required for manufacturing with the future in mind.

Over the years, consistency in service, quality and innovative ideas have proven to be our greatest assets.


Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining. We develop innovative products that significantly advance our customers’ operational performance – from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality, to maximizing research capabilities and improving the efficacy of medical procedures.

Our products are used for applications as diverse as machine tool automation, co-ordinate measurement, Raman spectroscopy, machine calibration, position feedback, CAD/CAM dentistry, stereotactic neurosurgery and medical diagnostics. In all of these areas we aim to be a long-term partner, offering superior products that meet our customers’ needs both today and into the future, backed up by responsive, expert technical and commercial support.

Carbide Probes

Earl Jacobs started making indicator points back in 1952. Known for his quality work as a tool maker, Earl picked up customer orders on his lunch hour and manufactured replacement points at home in the evenings. By 1963, what began as a part time venture to help support a growing family had grown into a full time business.

With a desire to better serve his customers, Earl resigned from the tool shop and Carbide Probes, Inc. became his major business focus. Under his leadership, the company experienced years of growth until his retirement in 1977.

Earl Jacob’s philosophy of maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision remain today and provide a solid foundation for customer satisfaction. Carbide Probes Inc. continues to grow and meet the specific needs of customers under the leadership of Dan Shellabarger, Earl’s son-in-law and company president.

Located near Dayton, Ohio, Carbide Probes, Inc. has enjoyed consistent growth, including expansion of their office and shop facility several times in the past two decades. When precision meets experience, it must be Carbide Probes, Inc!


Industry Served
The Fred V. Fowler Company is globally recognized as one of today’s leading suppliers of quality control and inspection equipment.
Founded in 1946, we have dedicated our 62 year history to supplying the most innovative measuring products possible.
Innovation in Measuring
As industry moves more in the direction of computer-aided manufacturing, Fowler continues to introduce important new tools designed to lead the way in inspection and measuring. Familiar items—including calipers, micrometers, indicators, height gages and bore gages — have been redesigned and now feature state of the art electronics to ensure compatibility with the latest in computer integrated manufacturing and statistical process control (SPC).
Customer Focused
In order to reliably meet customer expectations, Fowler’s technical sales team is in the field. We are customer focused and customer driven. “Downsized” American manufacturing is time poor and demand rich. Manufacturers increasingly rely on their key supply chain partners to make critical product decisions.
At Fowler, we are absolutely committed to providing our customers total support. What Fowler brings to a customer is a partnership in the ability to satisfy your requirements in terms of quality, cost and service.
After Sales Support
Using a team approach, we will demonstrate to your you that working harder with fewer people does not have to mean that quality is in any way compromised…on the contrary, quality is the key to sustained growth in a downsized manufacturing environment.
Sales support should never start and stop with an introductory sales meeting. Fowler sales support means a different approach to our customers needs. We have direct field support, and a full staff of technical and knowledgeable personnel ready to help you.
Product Support
Your customers want it now: service support and stock availability are the name of the game. Well, as a supplier of instruments we back that up.
Fowler ships 95% of all orders every day. We have an extensive inventory and a fast and professional service department backed by the industry’s best warranty program.
Quality is our passion. Quality in management, quality in sales, service and support and most of all, quality in products sold.
Let’s face it, ultimately you choose instrument providers based on what they can bring to the table. When you own Fowler products, you own value, solid experience, innovation, a get-it-done spirit and the best precision instruments in the world.
The Fred V. Fowler Company incorporated in 1946, has grown nationwide and across North America to include offices in Boston, Chicago and Ontario, Canada. Fowler is also now available in Mexico, with four regional locations. By exclusively distributing products manufactured by world leaders in measuring, Fowler has become a major force in the field of precision electronic tools.
Each of our offices have demonstration centers to familiarize our customers with our products. In addition, our national network of select distributors are well-trained, stocked and ready to help you with your measuring needs.
Product Line
The Fowler Company’s product line includes precision tools, electronic measuring instruments, optical measuring instruments, gage calibration equipment, and hardness testers.

With an emphasis on “user-friendly” electronics, we offer primarily industry standard RS232 output for data collection and SPC (Statistical Process Control), not some proprietary signal requiring additional interfaces. We even offer several leading software packages, including ” SPC Express”, and “Software Wedge”.
As always, we continue to offer our popular lines of non-electronic tools, including high-quality micrometers, vernier and dial calipers, dial and test indicators, rules, gage blocks, stands, magnetic bases, squares, parallels and hundreds of other fine measuring tools essential to industry.