Why Choose HEMCO Gages?

Two simple reasons:

1. They last longer
2. They save you money!

Here’s why:

HEMCOChrome gages provide a substantially longer life than plain steel or other imitation chrome
plated gages – almost 400% longer!

HEMCOChrome gages have a coating thickness that exceeds the competition by many times, as
HEMCOChrome gages can be restored to like-new condition through the Gage Saver™ Service at
very reasonable cost

HEMCOChrome gages do not require calibration as frequently as other gages thereby saving
calibration costs

HEMCOChrome gages do not need to be replaced as often as other gages thereby saving
overhead costs

In laboratory tests the HEMCOChrome gage outlasts the competitors plain steel gage or the imitators flash chrome gage 4:1

Testing laboratory results indicate that the competitor chrome gage provided 20% longer life over an unplated hardened tool steel gage.

Tested using 1/2-13 UNC Go Plugs and cast iron parts.

The Unique HEMCOChromeT Process includes:

0-1 Tool Steel through-hardened to 58-62 Rc, then HEMCOChrome processed to 72 Rc

Altered Geometric Engineering
– We manufacture undersize and then plate up to as close to the tolerance high side as possible

Specially designed chrome plating equipment for tight tolerance gaging

Special process chrome plating bath formulas

Many years of experience our dedicated team members have– surely our most important component!

Glastonbury Southern Gage

Glastonbury Southern Gage was formed in 1995 when two of the largest and oldest gage companies, Glastonbury Gage and Southern Gage, were united under one owner. Glastonbury Gage was founded in 1964 in Glastonbury, CT by individuals who had trained at Pratt Whitney Machine. From these beginnings, Glastonbury Gage has continually increased its product offering and services.

Southern Gage was founded in 1955 in Erin, TN as an outgrowth of the Woodward Company. It grew to be a full service gage manufacturer with emphasis on thread gaging. During the 1980’s Southern Gage became known for its educational and training programs on thread form and gaging. In 1995, the owner of Glastonbury Gage purchased Southern Gage from ITW. In March 1999, the GSG Erin operations occupied its new 42,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility. It includes 5,000 square feet of laboratory space, temperature and humidity control for the entire plant, CNC thread grinding equipment and a streamlined process work flow.

In July 2001 GSG consolidated customer service and plain cylindrical production to improve deliveries and customer response, while this effort was successful we at GSG continue to find ways of improving delivery and customer service. We intend to build on this platform to offer our customers quality products and services at competitive prices.

Zero Gage

Zero Gage, A Division of Benny Gage Inc., has supplied measurement solutions to a wide variety of manufactures for more than 75 years. In addition to the automotive industry, we have been a valued supplier to a diverse customer base, including but not limited to agricultural, aerospace, and defense contractors.

Our indicating sweep gage, long considered the best in the industry defines our business philosophy. We strive to provide our customers with the best solution to their measurement needs at a competitive price. Numerous gage manufacturers come to Zero Gage for these types of gaging applications, realizing they cannot match the accuracy, repeatability, and durability built into each Zero sweep unit.

Although our sweep gage is one of our best-known products, Zero Gage can provide a complete line of gaging solutions. From basic attribute gages to computer based gaging systems, we have positioned ourselves to be a full service solutions provider.

We offer a complete line of gaging components, ensuring quick response to your measuring needs.

•      Zero Ball Slides, for precise linear movement

•      Depth and Poly Gages, quick solutions for basic measurements

•      Hydraulic Arbors & Chucks

•      Ball Arbors & Chucks

•     A complete line of Thread / Pitch Arbor Gages

Zero Gage is positioned to provide you cost-effective solutions to your measurement needs.


Nestled in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is a company with the latest technology in dimensional gaging. Dyer is a technical leader in bore gaging, groove gaging and min-wall/thickness gaging. Additionally, we offer many special application gages and systems. For over 25 years we have supplied our customers with the highest quality gages that speed measuring times and eliminate operator error.

Because we specialize, Dyer’s focused technical expertise, knowledge and large product selection allows our application engineers to draw from a selection of gaging solutions. We always choose the right gage for your application; this means you will always receive the correct gage to make your measurements.

You Can Count On Dyer For Quality & Performance
Dyer guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Each product must meet your quality and performance specifications.

ISO9002 Dyer’s Pledge
We place both Quality of Products and Quality of Operations in high regard. We expect and maintain the highest standards from our suppliers and ourselves.

Mahr Federal

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, the ability to monitor and control variations in the manufacturing process is crucial. Established over 85 years ago in Providence, Rhode Island, Mahr Federal Inc. is recognized worldwide for expertise in providing dimensional measurement solutions and meeting the measurement needs of precision manufacturers in a variety of industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, job shops, machinery, bearings, pumps, engines, computers, can manufacture, plastics and medical devices.

Mahr Federal employs over 300 people; measurement professionals, who have dedicated themselves to developing and producing innovative and imaginative dimensional gaging instruments to improve measuring efficiency. Skilled applications engineers in Providence draw upon experience in identifying and meeting customers’ measurement requirements. We have delivered the right answers to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world — whether the solution be as simple as a dial indicator, one of a selection of hundreds of hand-held indicator gages, a digital readout air fork for outside diameter measurements, high precision form or surface finish analysis instruments or a specially designed gage for such applications as high-speed measuring, sorting and classifying of wrist pins. Our laboratory gages for calibrating gage blocks, master rings and discs have set a standard of performance for millionths accuracy size determination, and are clearly in a class by themselves as basic instruments for the surveillance of primary and secondary standards.

Customer Resource Centers in Providence, Cincinnati and Los Angeles form the core of our extensive network of sales personnel and distributors supporting customers in the United States and Canada. Mahr Corp. de serves our costumers in Mexico.

Mahr Federal supports its customers with factory repair and calibration services and responsive field service. The company maintains a metrology laboratory in Providence that is ranked as one of the world’s finest. This highly controlled laboratory environment assures protection against the effects of vibration, temperature and humidity variations. Mahr Federal’s calibration system is certified to ISO-9001 and ISO-17025. All procedures for measuring and reporting size are equivalent to those of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and conform to U.S. Specification GGG-G-15C.

Dorsey Metrology

In 1955 Dorsey Gage Company was incorporated in New York State by its founder, Theodore F. Luty Sr., and his wife Helen Luty. The company began in Hyde Park, New York as a machine shop specializing in the manufacture of simple inspection gages and subcontract machining. From the very beginning, the company aim was to provide precision craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. As the company grew, it began to design and build equipment, which addressed the specific needs of its customers. This exposure in turn provided the basis for the continuing development of Dorsey Gage Company’s standard inspection products.

In 1975 Dorsey purchased the instrument division of the Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This acquisition added the well-known and respected Hamilton-Datcon dial indicator instruments to the Company’s products. During 1976 Dorsey relocated to the 35,000 square foot building at 253 Mansion Street in the City of Poughkeepsie, New York.

In 1986 Dorsey Gage acquired Pexit, an English company known throughout Europe and Asia for their high quality, precision optical comparators. The design and facilities of Pexit were relocated to Poughkeepsie, New York, where it became the Optical Metrology Division of Dorsey Gage. Since its inception, the Optical Metrology Division has adapted the Dorsey philosophy of providing a top quality inspection instrument that exactly matches the customers’ requirements.

Throughout this entire development of the Dorsey family of inspection products, the company also continued the sale of their craftsman services. These services included; instrumentation, contract machining, inspection, automation and the manufacture of special tooling and equipment. While catering to a variety of companies, their most prominent customer was IBM Corporation; the area’s largest. It was through these efforts that Dorsey Gage Company became involved in a project known as the electrostatic chuck program.

On March 1, 2001, Dorsey Gage Company was sold. Prior to the closing the shareholders spun off the Metrology Division of the Company to the division’s management. The new company, Dorsey Metrology International, consists of all the employees and assets of the former Metrology Division and continues the manufacture and distribution of inspection instruments, gages and optical comparators. Following Brown & Sharpe’s closure of the Standard Gage plant also in Poughkeepsie New York, Dorsey Metrology International announced their intention to manufacture and support many of the products that were previously manufactured by Standard Gage prior to the plant closure.

On April 18, 2002 Dorsey acquired much of Standard Gage’s specialized tooling and machinery at auction and subsequently hired key former Standard Gage employees to continue manufacturing many of the core products. Key products include the Standard style of bore and snap gages that have been the long established industry standard. It is Dorsey’s intention to provide Standard’s customers with the same high quality replacement gages, interchangeable replacement parts, modifications and specials to meet their current and future demands.

The precision gage-making legacy of the Dorsey Gage Company, founded in 1955 by Theodore Luty, Sr., continues in this millennium as Dorsey Metrology International. At Dorsey Metrology International, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our organization, from outstanding customer relations to the highest quality product service and support. Service to you, our customer, is Dorsey Metrology International’s aim and purpose. The privilege of allowing us to service you and win your good will is our most effective advertisement and outstanding achievement. Let Dorsey be your Precision Problem Solver.
•    We shall be attentive to our customers’ needs
•    We shall maintain foresight essential to promotion of continued excellence in design and manufacturing
•    We shall apply available resources to continually improve our products and organization
•    We shall strive to gain and maintain our industry leadership built on innovation

We have learned from our customers that quality and attention to detail DOES matter. In Optical Metrology while our competition is increasing profits by redesigning their products using plastic and aluminum, we have redesigned our new instruments on a foundation of cast iron
While our competition is focusing on electronic and optical gimmickry to compensate their instruments, we are tightening manufacturing tolerances to maintain uncompensated absolute inherent accuracy. While our competition is importing parts and sub-assemblies, we have pumped money into our manufacturing areas and we have developed new tooling and solutions to enhance our internal manufacturing.

In Precision Measurement Instruments: Dorsey is proud to offer an unparalleled variety of hand-held and bench-top precision dimensional inspection products. As you review our catalogs you will see immediately that our assortment of measuring instruments is quite well rounded, with many application alternatives and include unique items not available elsewhere. In addition, we modify catalog items to meet customer’s specific requirements. Special Projects: In addition to providing our catalog items, our company is ready to be of service by suggesting gages for any application, whether standard or special. As an organization we value our reputation as problem solvers. To take advantage of our service simply forward a part print with the dimensions you wish to check circled. We will return a quotation listing gages we suggest, complete with approach sketches of any special or semi-special applications.

As we look to the future, we will not forget the lessons of our past and we will continue to maintain our high quality standards. We will continuously improve our products to help our company and our customers remain competitive and successful. The new millennium looks very promising indeed for Dorsey Metrology International.