Why Choose HEMCO Gages?

Two simple reasons:

1. They last longer
2. They save you money!

Here’s why:

HEMCOChrome gages provide a substantially longer life than plain steel or other imitation chrome
plated gages – almost 400% longer!

HEMCOChrome gages have a coating thickness that exceeds the competition by many times, as
HEMCOChrome gages can be restored to like-new condition through the Gage Saver™ Service at
very reasonable cost

HEMCOChrome gages do not require calibration as frequently as other gages thereby saving
calibration costs

HEMCOChrome gages do not need to be replaced as often as other gages thereby saving
overhead costs

In laboratory tests the HEMCOChrome gage outlasts the competitors plain steel gage or the imitators flash chrome gage 4:1

Testing laboratory results indicate that the competitor chrome gage provided 20% longer life over an unplated hardened tool steel gage.

Tested using 1/2-13 UNC Go Plugs and cast iron parts.

The Unique HEMCOChromeT Process includes:

0-1 Tool Steel through-hardened to 58-62 Rc, then HEMCOChrome processed to 72 Rc

Altered Geometric Engineering
– We manufacture undersize and then plate up to as close to the tolerance high side as possible

Specially designed chrome plating equipment for tight tolerance gaging

Special process chrome plating bath formulas

Many years of experience our dedicated team members have– surely our most important component!