Bowers Metrology – Gaging

As a leading supplier of quality metrology instruments to organizations throughout the world, the Bowers Metrology Group, through structured organic growth and strategic acquisition, has developed into a respected global leader in the field of measurement.

Our first-class reputation has been built on the continuing Group ethos of striving for excellence in both the comprehensive range of products that we supply and the many quality services that we provide to our customers. The Group’s aim is to build on its hard-won reputation and continue to exceed customers’ expectations.
Bowers Metrology UK

Reflecting the all-inclusive nature of our products and services, Bowers UK provides British industry with the widest choice of cost effective, quality measuring instruments currently available. Supplementing Bowers’ own famous range of gauges, our enviable ‘sole UK agent’ status means that we can offer superior products from many pre-eminent metrology companies, such as Trimos, Sylvac and Wyler. Bowers’ diverse range of quality measuring instruments allows us to offer cost effective solutions to UK industries’ measuring challenges.

Bowers Metrology

Long recognised as the world’s leading Bore Gauge manufacturer, Bowers Metrology continues to lead the field within the area of internal measurement. In response to customer demand and as a result of the company’s continued investment in cutting-edge technology, we now produce an increasingly comprehensive range of affordable, quality instruments intended for other applications, such as depth and external gauging. A past recipient of the coveted Queens Award for Export, we currently export 82% of our output.

Baty International

Baty International has been in business since 1932. Originally, a manufacturer of high precision dial indicators and other associated instruments such as cylinder bore gauges. Baty soon diversified into non-contact measurement with Optical Profile Projectors and the Baty ‘Shadograph’ series has since become an industry standard in profile projectors. These products are still manufactured in Sussex, England in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

In keeping with its gauging roots, Baty acquired John Bull and British Indicators, extending its gauging range to include calipers and flexible fixturing. The range was then completed in the eighties when Baty’s first camera based Video Inspectors were developed. Video Edge Detection (VED) was soon added giving rise to increased accuracy, repeatability and measuring speed.

Acquired by the Bowers Metrology Group in 2010, Baty is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company that offers a range of Metrology Instruments from Hand Tools to Vision Systems, offering measuring solutions for almost every measurement application in modern manufacturing.

CV Instruments

With the largest selection of portable and bench hardness testers currently available within the UK, the CV arm of the Bowers Group has evolved into an all-inclusive material testing quality instrument supplier, with cost effective solutions to coating thickness, surface finish and many other disciplines now available.

This pre-eminent member of the Bowers Metrology Group enjoys an enviable reputation for the quality of its celebrated measuring instruments and is a recognised leader in the field of micrometer design and manufacture.

Mitutoyo – Tooling

Mitutoyo was founded in 1934 by Yehan Numata with one product, the micrometer. Mitutoyo’s philosophy at that time was to make high-quality micrometers, but also to produce them in quantities that made them affordable and available to all of manufacturing. This philosophy was expanded in the next several decades to include a wider product offering focused on mechanical, dimensional gaging products, such as calipers, dial indicators, and other measuring tools.

As electronic technology became more widespread in the 1970s, Mitutoyo applied electronics to its line of dimensional gaging equipment to include electronic, or digital, measuring tools. During this time it also began to offer larger, more complex and more sensitive measuring instruments, including optical comparators, form measuring equipment, and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). As statistical process control (SPC) was introduced, Mitutoyo led the world in the development of output gages, interfaces, data collectors and analysis software to take advantage of this new metrological science.

When the computer made its way into the field of metrology, Mitutoyo again shifted its focus to include this technology into its product offering and push measuring accuracies into the sub-micrometre range. Today, Mitutoyo presents its 6,000+ products as integrated, computer-based metrology systems, where they can be interconnected to form closed-loop-measuring networks.

Mitutoyo America Corporation was formed in 1963 and is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). Mitutoyo America offers the full product line of precision measuring tools, instruments and equipment with a distribution network, training and education classes, software development, and service support to provide a comprehensive metrology organization.

Dr. Yehan Numata is also the founder of Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK), the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, which sponsors the Buddhist Canon Translation Project.

Chicago Dial Indicator

CDI has been a manufacturer of innovative state-of-the-art digital and mechanical gages since 1932. We’ve been working to develop new, more accurate, more advanced gages from the beginning. All this experience helps us to serve our customers more responsively, more efficiently, and more economically. Also, we pay close attention to the requests of every customer. Your custom designed gage will have exactly the features you want.
While our gages are built to American Gage Design specifications, and have the precision and accuracy customers have come to expect, our digital LOGICTMOEM and mechanical OEM gages are our flagship lines. They represent the best in both digital and mechanical OEM gages. Whatever your gage application, we are ready to design a gage of the highest quality to meet your exact requirements.
Our digital and mechanical gages offer an unequaled combination of excellent standard features, user-settable options, and custom features. We’re confident that Chicago Dial Indicator Company can make the gage you need!
All CDI indicators are American Designed, American Engineered and American Made to reflect the best in quality, materials and workmanship… truly the global standard in precision indicators.


We built our first mechanical gage in 1932. In fact, Chicago Dial Indicator (CDI) is a pioneer in the gaging industry, with a legacy built on the simple philosophy of creating the highest quality products backed by tireless service. Over 74+ years have passed. Designs improve, technology changes. Our pride endures. We changed the industry then and we’re changing the industry now.


CDI products share in your success. We specialize in partnerships, helping you create the finest products possible. Companies large and small depend on us. We work with of the biggest names in the business, from the fields of aeronautics to hydro-electrics, civil engineering to mechanical construction. How can we help your business?


Although we made our name with mechanical gages, we didn’t stop there. Our complete line of digital measuring gages and indicators, as best represented by the Logic series, is the most advanced in the world. Accurate. Reliable. Quality workmanship. Service. All hallmarks of our business, the standard in which CDI has made its reputation.

Moving Forward

Our company’s foundation was forged long ago. Our ongoing success lies in today. Throughout this web-site you will see the finest mechanical, and electronic indicators and accessories on the market, built and serviced with the same steadfast commitment that put us where we are today. For those special needs, we offer custom-designed gages for all your unique applications. CDI is moving forward, just as we always have.

Our Promise

We, the employees of Chicago Dial Indicator, are committed to exceeding the requirements of our customers and co-workers the first time-every time-through a zero defects and continuous quality improvement philosophy.

Ono Sokki

Measuring Success

Measuring the performance, and ultimately the success, of high-tech products and processes demands equally high-tech measurement capabilities. Ono Sokki, a world leader in measurement and testing instrumentation, has been meeting and exceeding that demand for fifty years.

Our experience and expertise are “put to the test” every day in such diverse industries as automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace and defense, optical and medical equipment, electronics, manufacturing, packaging, and the steel, paper and chemicals industries.

In Sync, In Touch

Ono Sokki measures its own success, not only by how accurately our products measure technical performance, but also by how well they meet the real-world demands of day-to-day use.

That is why we commit more than 30 percent of our resources solely to research and development. We know that our own success demands keeping in sync with the technological advances of the industries we serve – in signal analysis, torque measurement, dimensional and rotational measurements and specialized automotive performance testing.

It is also why our scientist and engineers work hand-in-hand with experienced industry experts in our newly expanded Technical Center. Staying in touch with real-world customer needs ensures that our products deliver the most accurate, consistent and useful data possible – the kind our customers require to make informed decisions about their own product research and development.

Put Ono Sokki to the Test

To stay ahead in the marketplace, companies that rely on leading-edge product technology must have leading-edge measurement and testing technology too. For more information on our broad line of high-technology instrumentation, contact us. Put us to the test.

Dial Sink

S-T Industries

The S-T Industries Story

For more than 60 years, SCHERR-TUMICO measuring products have been produced in Southwestern Minnesota. The tubular frame micrometer was introduced in the early 1940’s, the Model 1500 vertical beam optical comparator in the 1950’s and the Model 2500 30″ optical comparator in the 1960’s. Since 1983, S-T Industries, Inc. has expanded the product lines to include a full range of precision hand measuring tools, optical comparators and video inspection systems.


Every SCHERR-TUMICO optical comparator and video inspection system receives a thorough inspection and certification before it leaves our factory. This assures you there will be no surprises at your facility. These products are not mass produced on an assembly line, but hand crafted and tested through each step of the process to guarantee that you will receive a reliable and proven instrument.


SCHERR-TUMICO optical comparators and video inspection systems are designed to give you the best value for your investment. We have a unit for any job or budget. Whether you need a small, economical machine or a large, CNC measuring system, you’ll find we have a product to fit your needs. We also build special systems and tools for unique applications.

Customer Service

We, at S-T Industries, Inc. are committed to providing First Class customer service. We will always do our best to satisfy your requirements with respect, concern and urgency.


Nestled in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is a company with the latest technology in dimensional gaging. Dyer is a technical leader in bore gaging, groove gaging and min-wall/thickness gaging. Additionally, we offer many special application gages and systems. For over 25 years we have supplied our customers with the highest quality gages that speed measuring times and eliminate operator error.

Because we specialize, Dyer’s focused technical expertise, knowledge and large product selection allows our application engineers to draw from a selection of gaging solutions. We always choose the right gage for your application; this means you will always receive the correct gage to make your measurements.

You Can Count On Dyer For Quality & Performance
Dyer guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Each product must meet your quality and performance specifications.

ISO9002 Dyer’s Pledge
We place both Quality of Products and Quality of Operations in high regard. We expect and maintain the highest standards from our suppliers and ourselves.

Mueller Gages

Mueller Gages is family owned business manufacturing a special line of precision dimensional inspection gages at our facility in San Gabriel, California.  Our first product was introduced in 1949, and was made in the garage of my grandfather, Kurt H. Mueller, who immigrated here in 1930, after serving his apprenticeship in Germany.

A tradition of quality, creativity, and excellent customer service has enabled our success.  I invite you to try our gages and accessories.  We guarantee your satisfaction through a generous return policy, in the unlikely event that our product does not meet your needs.

Rhett Mueller, President

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, as evidenced by our Certification and Registration by NSF-ISR to ISO 9001:1994 Standards. By our company meeting the stringent standards of ISO 9000, our customers enjoy added confidence in our quality management and assurance systems. We provide products and services which meet their expectations.

Quality System Registered to ISO 9001:1994


The custom made indicators used on Brencor® analog and Brencor DIGI-Chek® gages are manufactured to a standard that is up to three times more stringent than AGD specifications require. These analog and digital instruments give the most repeatable and accurate measurements available today. 

Swiss Precision Instruments

For nearly 50 years, Swiss Precision Instruments, Inc. has continuously introduced exciting new products to the metalworking industry. Since 1956 the SPI family of products has always offered customers Quality, Value and fast Delivery. Today the tradition continues.