Ozat – Assembly

Ozat offers the largest program of impact sockets striking wrenches and construction wrenches, which are specially designed for heavy duty impact workload.

For over 40 years, OZAT has manufactured tools and parts recognized in over 60 countries throughout the world for their high quality and reliability.

Research and development has always provided the spark for the companies engineering and production operations. OZAT`s products are manufactured according to American national standards ANSI B107, DIN standards 3121, 3129 and ISO 1174-2, 1703, 1171-2 and 2725-2

The companies quality management system has been audited by the Standards Institute of Israel, and complies with ISO 9001.

OZAT socket design is clearly superior to most other available sockets. Their state of the art Electro-chemical machining process makes it possible for OZAT to produce all of their sockets in the less-stressTM configuration illustrated below.

Without these special-machining capabilities, the cost of producing the preferred less-stress sockets become prohibitive. Manufacturers who use the normal broaching method to achieve the hex pattern in their sockets, may have to compromise in the selection of suitable steel, OZAT is able to specify the most perfectly matched material from which to manufacture the most durable and reliable sockets available.

OZAT marked sockets carry lifetime warranty as long as they have been used according to specifications and by the original purchaser.

With these products, OZAT offers a line of Air tools including the requested Air tools replacement parts.

These tools are direct results of the companies` approach to extend activities and develop new programs with high quality tools and excellent service.

ATP air tools and Replacement Parts
ATP offers solid performance and we back our ATP tool designs with over seventy-five years of experience. We take a common sense approach to the features of our products, if a particular part lasts longer machined from bronze it stays that way, we don’t compromise quality.

ATP has been manufacturing replacement parts for most of the industry`s recognized professional tool products for decades, meet¬ing all industry specifications, delivering on time and on budget, our ATP tools are the embodiment of everything we’ve learned.

We`ve shaped the ATP product line to be solidly dependable and competitively priced. Our replacement parts may be in your plant`s pneumatic tools now.

We want you to use our ATP lines based on their merits. Ask your distributor about our ATP “Prove It Program” or call us direct. I believe we have the cost effective answer to all your professional tool needs.

Try ATP pneumatic tools, our repair parts, and sockets, all you have to lose is high overhead.

For OZAT tools the warranty is LIFETIME. It is effective for as long as you own the tool.
For Ozat power tools the warranty period is for ONE YEAR from date of original purchase.

Gedore – Assembly


Our 28,000 square feet Gedore Torque site has been at the forefront of UK Torque tool design and manufacture since 1937. Today, the same location is home to the world’s most advanced and fully-integrated torque tool manufacturing facility.

Every aspect of our business is based here: research & development, procurement, manufacture, assembly and despatch. Our UKAS Calibration Laboratory ensures absolute accuracy, while our sales, marketing and customer service teams ensure that customers are always at the heart of our business.

Most importantly, the expertise and skills of our 70 strong team are always focused on the needs of our customers for increasingly efficient, innovative and reliable ways of measuring, applying and calibrating Torque.

Everything we do conforms to exacting standards, both internal and external, including ISO and UKAS accreditations for our on site calibration laboratory. The quality of our people,process and facilities is your guarantee that our tools will deliver unsurpassed accuracy,quality and durability.

We have been a leading manufacturer of industrial torque tools for 80 years, combining innovative design with precision engineering to produce a comprehensive range of Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers and Torque Calibration Analysers.


Our reputation at Gedore Torque has been built by working to the following core values:

We are committed to designing new, innovative products that deliver you real benefits, such as advanced slipping technology that eliminates over tightening

The latest CNC technology is used to manufacture our tools to ensure the accuracy and precision necessary to meet today’s demanding standards

Our tools are tested for accuracy, repeatability and durability to ensure that they exceed the performance demanded by you

We will work with you to overcome problems by developing a custom solution, when standard products are not available

Quality is the priority at Gedore Torque – through providing strong customer service and ensuring that all of our tools are built to the highest standards Gedore Torque is committed to working in partnership with all our customers

Worldwide commitment to quality of service

While our name has changed (previously Torqueleader),our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer service remains the same.As part of the Gedore Group, the worlds largest group of tool specialists, our new name reflects the world class standards to which we operate.

Our distributors in over 51 countries are factory trained to give a full service and are able to recommend the best products to meet their customers’ requirements. You’ll find our tools all over the world in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, aviation, automotive and telecommunications and environments including production,quality control, research & development and servicing.

Gedore Torque are committed to working in partnership with all our customers

E-Tech – Assembly

E-Tech Industrial Corporation designs, develops, engineers, and manufactures precision tools and parts used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Although it represents a smaller portion of our business, we also design and create tools and parts used in manufacturing and maintaining heavy equipment used in the white goods and agriculture sectors.

Originally founded in 1999 as Lubbering Corporation – a US-based subsidiary of Germany-based Lubbering GmbH – E-Tech ended its relationship with Lubbering GmbH in June 2017 and relaunched and rebranded as a fully independent, American company. That’s why, today, every E-Tech tool is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

With nearly two decades of experience in developing and delivering:

  • absolute precision
  • total accuracy, and
  • rugged durability

to customers through our standard and custom power-tool attachments and fastening tools, E-Tech understands the rigorous demands of your industry and the uniqueness of your application. In fact, we’ve probably already been in your plant and met your team.

Speaking of team, we have a great one. The synergy our engineers and product specialists have developed over time – with each other and with our customers – allows us to produce superior products and offer our customers enhanced service, including faster response and delivery times. And, because all E-Tech products are designed with CAD/CAM/FEA accuracy, you can be confident that they meet or exceed the highest engineering standards.

In the aerospace manufacturing industry, precision and accuracy are essential. That’s why our aerospace tools and attachments are precision designed and machined using the latest software and technology.

What isn’t as precise, however, are the terms customers sometimes use to try to find our exacting tools. What we call aerospace tools, some may refer to as aircraft tool supply, aircraft tools, aviation tools, or avionics tools. Also, what we call temporary fasteners, others may call quick release fasteners.

When looking for our drilling crowfoot line of tools, some prospective customers have searched for crows feet tool or crows foot socket. And, when searching for our rivet nut shaver, some may ask for our rivet nut tool.

Beta LaserMike – Gaging

The Beta LaserMike line of measurement and control solutions is designed to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce manufacturing costs. These solutions provide in-process and non-contact dimensional monitoring, control, and sample/part inspection of products such as wire and cable, fiber optics, metals, rubber and plastic, flat rolled goods, tube and pipe, and other manufactured goods. Our solutions offer a number of advantages over contact and other non-contact gauging systems.

Beta LaserMike technologies and highly recognizable products include AccuScan for laser scanning diameter measurement, UltraScan for ultrasonic wall and concentricity measurement, CenterScan for eccentricity measurement, LayScan for lay length measurement, LaserSpeed® for non-contact length and speed measurement, BenchMike for off-line sample inspection, DataPro for process control, and DCM cable testing systems for the quality testing of LAN/Data, Telecom, and Coaxial cables.

NDC Technologies is a global organization committed to the innovation, design, and service of precision measurement and control systems for a broad scope of industrial applications. Explore our solutions today to learn how we can give you the productivity, quality, and bottom-line advantages.

OASIS – Gaging

Located in Middletown, Delaware, we are the manufacturer of the FASTEST Inspection System in the industry – The OASIS. Our Non-Contact Optical Inspection Systems are used daily throughout the United States and Internationally to help manufacturers speed up and improve their Quality Control processes.

The OASIS has a presence in many different industries worldwide including automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, electronics, energy, healthcare, fasteners, firearms, and construction among others. We include customer support with every OASIS purchase.

The OASIS is a full-featured Inspection System designed to measure multiple dimensions instantly. Our Premier Optical Inspection System combines accuracy and precision with a fast, easy to use operator interface. This non-contact Machine Vision Inspection System is designed to measure multiple profile dimensions on small parts, accurate to +/- 0.0001 inches, with all measurements done in less than a second.

The OASIS is So Fast, So Easy, We’ll Get You Back To Making Parts!

Speed, Accurate, Easy. Measure On.

Phase II – Gaging

Phase II is a leading manufacturer OF Machine Tool Accessories, Material Testing Instrumentation, Precision Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools and Shop Supplies.

Founded in 1981 with emphasis on providing the highest quality products, Phase II has established a world-class reputation for quality and service. We take pride in offering more than just a product.

We have “In House” Application Specialists who can guide you through product selection and maintenance. They are fully trained and qualified to give whatever technical support is needed. We also maintain a full range of replacement parts for our products.

Universal Punch Corp. – Gaging

Accurate and reliable measurements are a key factor in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. Universal’s patented Concentricity Gages offer precision accuracy transfigurations tough its measuring roller systems, which have proven results in a variety of industrial applications. We offer more than 45 different accommodate a variety of machine components with indicator positions from all sides and all angles to meet your measuring specifications.

Universal Gaging Division has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality run out and concentricity gages for the machine tool industries supporting Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Defense, Electronic, and Medical businesses for over 40 years. We strive to continually create new products and always be attentive to the needs of our customers. We are committed to providing precision and excellence in all of our products.

Universal Pro-Fixture Series™

Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ is an adaptable and versatile gaging system made out of high-tensile, plated aerospace aluminum. Fixtures of all kinds and sizes can be assembled quickly using single components chosen from the large variety available. Modular design and extreme flexibility facilitate the adaptation to many different tasks in quality assurance for mass production, pilot production, tooling and prototypes. Outstanding quality standards, proven functionality, Cost-effective solutions – with these advantages the Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ system sets a new benchmark in measuring and clamping technology.


The Pro-Fixture Series™ bases with longitudinal slots provide the basis for accurately positioned fixtures and repeatable measurements. The fixtures can be configured according to individual requirements in combination with special holding and clamping elements for specific types of parts. This system offers the customer the opportunity to create inspection fixtures using the “do-it-yourself” principle by providing a modular system with re-useable components. Many standard features, off the shelf components that can be assembled by the customer for a variety of general gaging applications.


Universal Pro-Fixture Series™ provides gaging systems from simple benchtop stations to multifeatured measuring devices. Our products include gage design and build, standard modular gaging components and optional data collection systems. Direct gage interface options include:

  • Inductive Gage Sensors
  • Vision Systems
  • Displacement Sensors
  • (LVDT) Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
  • (SPC) Statistical Process Control
  • Laser Scan Micrometer